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Jamison Smith

Outsider Art and Everything Else

I’ve been creating art and exhibiting in upstate New York since 1987. Whether you prefer to call my work outsider, folk, or visionary, I have no formal training. I’ve developed all of my techniques and my concept of what art should be from my own experiences.

My style and techniques have changed dramatically over the years. My work from 1988 to 2006 was almost exclusively acrylic on canvas. All of my work from 2007 forward has been digital. I use a wide variety of software and techniques in each creation. Most of my new work includes photo-manipulation and photographic editing techniques alongside digital versions of more traditional painting tools, like oil paint, airbrush, and pastels.

Any purchase you choose to make is greatly appreciated, as it helps to offset the high cost of software, equipment, and on-line venues like this one. If you like what you see, feel free to share my properly credited digital images. You may also keep them for personal use as backgrounds for your digital devices, or in digital frames.