Jamison Smith

Digital Artist

I'm a digital artist who has been painting and exhibiting in Upstate New York since the mid-1980's. I've been experimenting with digital art since 1999, and working exclusively in digital since 2007.  My only goal is to express my ideas in a unique way. The purpose of this site is to share those ideas with anyone who is interested. 

I'm not an aspiring artist. I'm not trying to become well known or well liked. I'm not trying to make a lot of money.  I do this because I love to create and share art. 

I believe that proper techniques, correct compositions, and trying to paint in an accepted way are the exact opposite of creativity. I develop my own approaches to every challenge, and I have no interest in working "correctly". I'm not here to bore you with things that I learned by studying other artists. My work will always be unique. If someone else had to teach you what art you should like, then you've missed the point completely.

I do not paint for profit. My mark-up for the prints is five dollars each. My mark-up for the posters is roughly eighty cents each. All of my work is available for free download. 

All offers for commissioned work, collaborations, and exhibit opportunities will be considered. I'm willing to donate my work and time for causes that I support. If you're a musician or band looking for some art, I might be able to help ! Please use the contact page on this site to submit your project. All messages will receive a prompt reply.