About This Page:

The notes that I’m taking as I work on the tarot project are divided into three categories:

Public Notes:

These generate interest in the project, and help me keep track of things. They’re open to anyone who is interested.

Password Protected Notes :

These notes contain proprietary information which will ultimately be protected by trademark and / or copyright. Some of them are developing ideas. I’ve made them available to a select group of people to get their opinions and feedback as the project progresses. If you know me personally, just write me and I’ll give you a password. If you don’t know me personally, write me a brief note explaining your interest in all of this, and I’ll give you a password then. The people I’m trying to keep out are random internet scammers and people who scour websites to steal content.

Private notes :

These are either generic study notes that don’t relate directly to the project, early development concepts, or ideas that I feel are undecided or poorly expressed.


These posts are my personal notes for my tarot project. This is where I record and keep track of everything.

This is where I keep track of a massive library of digital and printed books. If I need to find specific information about something, I search the book lists first. This is how I decide which book I should read next.

This is where I record my thoughts about each book, and what information from that book I felt was relevant to my project. This will make it easier to find that information later.

This is where I keep track of my business plan. I have records of everything that I’m going to need, when I will need it, and what it will cost.

This is where I keep track of what I’m including in the package, and how I plan to package and sell it.

This is where I record ideas for the book, and for the artwork. Recording it here and editing the information as it evolves helps me maintain a streamlined and focused process.

I’ve decided to share all of this to help generate interest in the project, and to get some feedback about my ideas. Feel free to reply to any of the posts. I appreciate your feedback, and your interest in this project.

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