An Intimidating Project

On the surface, this project seems impossible. Without the slightest clue what I’m doing, I’m stumbling into a huge community filled with people who have devoted their lives to studying the tarot. There are hundreds of years worth of beautiful tarot designs, most made by people with a deep knowledge of the meanings and symbolism. I’ll be putting my paintings alongside work by brilliant and famous artists. I’ll need to create at least 79 paintings, even though my last painting took six months to complete. Because of the high costs of self publishing a small run, I’ll have sell my deck for more than twice the cost of some of the most treasured decks on the market. I have no connections in publishing, no connections in the tarot community, and no reason to believe that anyone will have the slightest reason to care about one more tarot deck in a sea of hundreds of them. My plan is to read some books, paint some pictures, and then try to create a tarot deck so unique, so meaningful, and so beautiful that people will have no choice but to take notice. To the average person, it sounds absurd bordering on delusional. To an artist, it sounds like any other day.

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