An Intimidating Project

This is what I’ve decided to do :

Paint roughly 80 full size paintings. My last painting took a year to finish.

Write a 175 page book. I am not a writer.

Self publish.

Build a new website.

Self promote, sell, and ship to an audience I’ve yet to find.

This is why:

I’m an artist. If it’s not impossible, I’m not interested.

This will force me to improve both my art and my approach to large projects. I’ve become too slow, and too unfocused. If I can finish this monster, I can do anything.

My art has always included a lot of symbolism and deep meaning, but people don’t look for it. They don’t take the time, and they don’t understand what I’m trying to convey. Tarot cards are different. Looking for meaning in every detail is what they’re all about. I’ve spent my whole life preparing for this project.

How I know I can do this:

I used to collect wristwatches. Naturally, I ended up with some broken ones. I decided to try to fix some of them myself. At first, it seemed impossible. Within a couple years, I could completely assemble a mechanical wristwatch that would not only run, but keep perfect time.

Every time I’m faced with what seems like an impossible task, I whisper these words to myself; “You can build a watch.”

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