Course Building

The early months of this project have been a matter of course building. I’ve selected several recommended books about tarot cards, symbolism, and imagery. I’ve also collected books about the spiritual and mystical influences portrayed in the tarot. I’ve brought in some different ideas from Native American, Celtic, and eastern teachings that occasionally appear in modern tarot decks.

I’ve collected several tarot decks, both classic and modern. I’m looking at the quality of the printing and the art. I’m looking at the packaging and the presentation. I’m looking at the depth and variety of the symbolism. This has helped me decide what type of deck I want to create.

I’ve also collected materials to help me understand the history of modern tarot decks. I’m studying the Golden Dawn and the Qabbalistic teachings that inspired them. I’m also studying carnival style fortune telling, and the modern self-help approach to reading the cards.

I’ve spent thirty years mastering the technical and artistic aspects of painting. I have a unique style that has evolved over time, so I’m fully prepared to take on this project as an artist.

I’ve also researched publishing, printing, copyright, and trademark issues. I’ve collected quotes and crunched numbers so that I know what this will cost, and what I need to do to make this a reality.

At this point, It’s time for me to do a lot of reading and studying. I’ll be taking a lot of notes and drawing a lot of sketches along the way. I expect this process to take most of 2019. I also plan to start creating the art during this time. I already have a good idea what I want the cards to look like. I also have a name for the deck, a design for the back of the cards, and a design for the box. That’s the easy part.

I plan to spend all of 2020 and 2021 creating the art. In early 2022 I’ll be building a website, writing the book, and filing for copyright protection. In mid 2022 I’ll have the deck and the book printed, and I’ll file for trademark for the name. In late 2022 I’ll be ready to release the finished deck.

A project like this requires concrete goals, a well planned budget, and a schedule. All of those things are in place. It’s time to get started !

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