Selling Cards from a Financial Perspective

The Numbers:

Having four inch by six inch seventy eight card decks printed will cost me $23.99 each for twenty five decks. Having the custom boxes printed is additional, but should be under $10.00 each. I can have high quality twenty four page four and a half inch by six inch full color booklets printed for $5.84 each.

The booklets will be slightly wider than the boxes, and too thick to fit in the box. The decks will be shrink-wrapped with the booklet outside of and behind the box.  I’m planning to ship USPS Priority Mail in a flat rate box, which will cost around $7.00. Selling and payment processing fees will cost roughly an additional $7.00. There will also be a small cost for in-bound shipping charges for the printed items. Not considering indirect expenses, my total cost  packaged and shipped to your door should be no more than $56.00.

I plan to sell them retail for $64.95 each, and offer wholesale pricing for purchases of ten or more.  This will be a small run, direct from the artist item that is not intended to compete with mass produced, mass market decks. Out of respect for collectors of my work, I will never lower the price or offer any sort of discount to anyone.


The Cards:

I will  be signing and numbering each deck that I sell by hand. There will be no barcodes or UPC codes  on the cards, box, or booklet.  The hand written signature will be on the unprinted inside of the top flap of the box. The hand written number will be on the unprinted inside of the bottom flap. Both will be repeated on the inside back cover of the booklet. The goal is to create a personal connection with the people who use the decks, and more potential value for the people who collect them.

As I will have complete control over the entire production process, the quality of these decks will be exceptional. They’ll be over-sized at 4″ by 6″. The booklets will be large, full color, and professionally printed. I will personally inspect every deck before it ships.



After much thought, I’ve decided to self-publish. It’s important to me that I have creative control of the whole process, and equally important that I retain all rights to the work.  I do plan to file for all appropriate copyrights before I release any images or offer the deck for sale.


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