Tarot from a Philosophical Perspective.

I’m an agnostic atheist and a skeptic. My default position is to not believe in supernatural beings or supernatural forces in any literal sense. If something supernatural  can be proven, then by definition it is not supernatural. I do believe this: The universe is vast beyond what we’re capable of understanding in every sense. To think that we can eventually explain away all of it is a dangerous kind of arrogance. “I don’t know” is an honest and appropriate answer.

The world that exists in our thoughts is another issue entirely. That world is another reality that should not be bound by the constraints of the physical world. The more you’re willing to bring into it, the more you’ll get out of it. To limit that world is to limit your ability to learn and understand.

I think of the value of that world that only exists in our thoughts like this: You wake up from a vivid and powerful dream. You get yourself ready and begin your commute to work. Five years pass. You still remember the dream, and it still influences your thoughts. You have no memory of the commute to work from five years ago, and neither does anyone else. The dream is now part of your reality, and the commute to work no longer exists. How do you personally define your own reality ?

I interpret mysticism and the occult as an ever-evolving mixture of philosophy, psychology, science, and history conveyed through complex fantasy. If you approach it with respect and an open mind, it can be a path to understanding and improving your own reality that is not in conflict with our scientific understanding of the human mind and the universe. If you value your questions more than your answers, you will never stop learning.


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